6. So… it’s been a while


Hiya! I haven’t written on this blog in a while. I’m sorry?

The last few months have been rollercoaster-esque. I was on vacation for most of the month of December. With vacation came not eating healthy and definitely not working out more than the walk from my hotel room to the uber that was waiting for me. 😦

When I got back, it was really hard to get back into the groove of things. I also gained most (if not all) of the weight that I had lost. This was completely my fault because I had the option of working out in several of the places that I visited, but made a conscious decision to pig out. In my pigging out I learned a valuable lesson, DON’T and IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

It has been so much harder to get back to the progress that I had initially made. It’s frustrating because I know how long it took me to get there the first time. Having to do it again, UGHHH!!! But, I will persevere it is more than worth it and I know that I can do this.

So, although it’s been a while, the journey continues and progress is the goal.

Until next time,



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