3: Making this happen



In my first two posts, I kind of explained why I was doing this and what I was expecting from this journey, but have not really touched on how I’m going to be making this thing happen.

I have come to the realization that my diet and barely there exercise routine are not conducive to my goal of losing  weight. What am I going to do about that? What’s the plan?

I have decide to incorporate better eating habits and also start working out. It sounds simple right?! If you eat right and exercise, you’ll lose weight, build muscle, and achieve weight loss goals. While the strategy to achieving my goal is simple, what makes it complex / puts a kink in it is the fact that these things have to be done consistently in order to get the results that you seek. Consistency is key.

This same consistency that is the key to getting the results that I so desire, that I long for, is what has been missing from my plans this whole time. There have been periods of time in my life where I have worked out daily, but had a horrible diet. Periods where I ate really well but forgot the meaning of exercise. Even times when I have managed to do both well. The issue with all of these different episodes is that my motivation quickly wavered and I became complacent.

I am tired of being complacent. I’m tired of looking in the mirror, not liking what I see and doing absolutely nothing to change it. My time for change has come and I will be making something happen.

I have decided to hire a personal trainer, I’m still on the hunt for one, but I’ve set aside my pennies and am financially ready to make the commitment. I also want to see a nutritionist. I want to create a meal plan that is not necessarily calorie focused, but rather one that makes certain that I am meeting my daily nutritional needs.

As for right now, I beginning slowly. I’ve started being a little more conscious of what is going into my mouth and not eating as late. I have not yet begun a solo work out regimen, but that is soon to come.

Until next time,



2: Measurements and Goals



When I finally decided to wake from my  slumber this morning, I realized that while my first post was an introduction, it really didn’t tell you much about what I expected from this process.

I have weight goals. I do not think that they are unattainable, I just have to get my butt (and gut) in gear to do the work that is required of me to get there. My weight goal is to get down to 160. If you’re going by BMI, my goal weight is still considered on the obese end of the spectrum, but I really and truly DON’T CARE! In my current mind frame, I think that that would be a good weight for me. If I lose more, that’s great. If I lose less, but look and feel good, that’s even better.

Throughout this journey, I will be sharing my weight and measurements, but that’s not really what my main focus will be. The main purpose of this journey is to get to a point where I am living a livable healthy lifestyle and I am happy with the way that I look and feel in my own skin. I don’t think that I could ask for anything more than to be comfortable in the skin that I have been given.

Current measurements (as of 9:30 AM):

Waist: 40.25″              Hips: 46.75″

Those were the only measurements that I did. In my next measurement and weight update, I’ll be sure to include bust as well.

Until next time;



1: Hi



So, I’m actually doing it. I’m getting the process started. I’m moving the pieces, making things happen, getting the show on the road… I think I’ve run out of phrases.

Today, I’m taking my first step into my fitness journey. I’ve decided to embark on this grand adventure, that will suck hardcore at times, because I have found that I am no longer comfortable with my appearance. After weeks of looking in the mirror and gradually seeing my cheeks getting bigger and my stomach following gravity’s pull, I decided that I want to make a change and that I will actually document this journey. My documenting this experience is really just for me, so that I can have something to look back on. I want to keep a running log of my thoughts, feelings, struggles, and victories.

I guess I should get started with the nitty-gritty of it. I am a 5 foot nothing 25 year old, who this morning weighed in at 224 lbs. It took a bit out of me to actually type out my weight. While I’ve seen it on the scale and have also thought about the number, typing it out made it official. I really had to pause for a bit and really look at that number, this is the biggest that I have EVER been in life. I weigh the same as an average male panda bear.

How did I allow myself to get here? 

In all honesty, I don’t know. Maybe I do, but I am not yet at the point of thinking about it. My main focus right now is doing something to change it. Let’s get started on this voyage to a healthier and happier me.