8: Apps can help



So, I’ve been using a few apps to help me keep track of my journey and to also motivate me. I use them to keep track of what I’m eating, motivate me, and to give me work outs. I think that the use of apps have been instrumental in my weight loss journey.

Apps that I use:

  • My Fitness Pal
    • I track my meals on this. It also takes information from some of the other apps I used to make an informed guesstimate at the amount of calories that I should be consuming.
  • Google Fit
    • It came with my phone. I think it tracks my steps
  • 8 Fit
    • I use this for workouts and they also have meal plans, I use it more for the workouts
  • My 24
    • This is the app associated with my gym. I use it to track how often I’m getting in the gym and it sometimes has challenges that can be motivational
  • Polar Flow
    • I use the Polar watch  and heart rate monitor to track my workouts and calories burned.

I’m really liking this combination of apps. It seems to be working for. I particular like the fact that I can sync most of these apps with each other (8Fit is the only exception 😦 ). I will continue using them until they stop working for me or I find something that I like more.

Until later,

Laur (elLE)