5: struggles in finding a personal trainer



So I mentioned in a previous blog that I was really willing to put my money where my mouth is in terms of this fitness journey. I was prepared to hire a personal trainer to help me through this process and also be there as a sort of guide and support system. While I may still want to look into a trainer in the near future, it does not seem to be in the plans for now.

A few months ago, I randomly overheard a man talking to the cashier at Trader Joes about his job as a personal trainer, I was immediately intrigued. We happened to walk out of the store at the same time and also be parked near one another, so I did the only rational thing, I approached him. We had a fairly quick conversation and I took down his information and promised to text. That same night I messaged him and got a bit more information about his style of training. He seemed to be a good fit and we started discussing our schedules and find an hour that could possibly work for both of us. At the end of this process, he tells me, “You know what I know a guy who might be a better and more consistent fit for your training needs.” I was at first a bit disheartened because I was already gungho  about working out with him, but I thought if this new person can help me, why not. He gave me the new guys contact information and I have never spoken to him again.

When I first began to converse with this new potential trainer, things seemed to be going well. He told me about his style of training, his qualifications, and also that he runs a business based on personal training so he was not really attached to any gyms. That was okay with me as I had a membership to a gym — that I had not been actively using. We set a start date and he sent me his contract. Due to some changes at work, I had to tell him that the hours we had previously set up would no longer work for me and that I would contact him when my schedule was a bit more regular.

Fast forward a month, I have signed the contract, am ready to meet with this guy, but something keeps telling that I should hold off on handing this stranger 1400 of my hard earned dollars (this is for a three month contract). A few hours before I am set to meet him, a friend and I decide to look up his company — something I should have done a long time ago. The way this man spoke, his company was very well established and he has a slew of clientele. In doing a google search for the company name we find the site and after some digging we found his instagram page.

I was expecting to see some before and after pictures of the people that he had worked with or some of his workouts, like most fitness instagram pages. His page was filled with motivational quotes and it took us going more than 80 weeks deep into his pictures to find a before and after picture. When I clicked on the person’s name, she credited her fitness journey to another trainer, his name was nowhere to be found on her page.

I decided to call him out on the fact that he did not have any results posted or any testimonials. For person who has been in this business for more the 20, pushing 30 years, I was expecting more. He quickly became defensive and was yelling at me – via text- about that not being the most important aspect of a personal trainer’s bio. While I agree, to some extent, as person who had previously been bragging about all of the people you have trained and all of the results that you have gotten and how this is something you have been doing for a living, I would think you would have a bit more to show for the work you’ve put in.

This is not to say that all trainers should have extensive lists of testimonials or an instagram page filled with before and afters. In this situation, the was this particular trainer presented himself, there should have been more available.

What I learned in this situation is that it is important check out the information that a trainer is giving you, especially if they are not affiliated with a gym.

Until next time,