8: Apps can help



So, I’ve been using a few apps to help me keep track of my journey and to also motivate me. I use them to keep track of what I’m eating, motivate me, and to give me work outs. I think that the use of apps have been instrumental in my weight loss journey.

Apps that I use:

  • My Fitness Pal
    • I track my meals on this. It also takes information from some of the other apps I used to make an informed guesstimate at the amount of calories that I should be consuming.
  • Google Fit
    • It came with my phone. I think it tracks my steps
  • 8 Fit
    • I use this for workouts and they also have meal plans, I use it more for the workouts
  • My 24
    • This is the app associated with my gym. I use it to track how often I’m getting in the gym and it sometimes has challenges that can be motivational
  • Polar Flow
    • I use the Polar watch  and heart rate monitor to track my workouts and calories burned.

I’m really liking this combination of apps. It seems to be working for. I particular like the fact that I can sync most of these apps with each other (8Fit is the only exception 😦 ). I will continue using them until they stop working for me or I find something that I like more.

Until later,

Laur (elLE)


7. I suck at this



So, I really suck at staying consistent with this thing. I would like to be, but life. So an update, I’m down 28.5 pounds. YAY!! This is really exciting and I’m glad that I have continued on this journey even though I have had several pitfalls.

When started this blog I weighed in at 224. After the holiday season, I weighed in at a whopping 231 pounds. This is the largest I have ever been in my life. I was embarrassed that I allowed myself to get this big, particularly when I had decided to go on this journey.

So over the last several months I have forced myself to be more consist with my workouts. Although I still don’t love working out, it has been great and good for me. I have tried to get into the gym at least 3 times a week, some weeks I make it in there 5 times and on a few occasions not at all. The biggest thing that I have learned from all of this is that even when I don’t get in there as often as I like, the next week is a new week and I can keep going.

On a positive note, I got a lot of positive affirmation that this journey is making a change. This past weekend, my friends and people who have known me for a while told me how good I look and encouraged me to keep it up. It felt good to have people acknowledge the work that I have put in. It was kind of motivating.

I’m going to keep going and hopefully soon get a bit closer to my goals.




6. So… it’s been a while


Hiya! I haven’t written on this blog in a while. I’m sorry?

The last few months have been rollercoaster-esque. I was on vacation for most of the month of December. With vacation came not eating healthy and definitely not working out more than the walk from my hotel room to the uber that was waiting for me. 😦

When I got back, it was really hard to get back into the groove of things. I also gained most (if not all) of the weight that I had lost. This was completely my fault because I had the option of working out in several of the places that I visited, but made a conscious decision to pig out. In my pigging out I learned a valuable lesson, DON’T and IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

It has been so much harder to get back to the progress that I had initially made. It’s frustrating because I know how long it took me to get there the first time. Having to do it again, UGHHH!!! But, I will persevere it is more than worth it and I know that I can do this.

So, although it’s been a while, the journey continues and progress is the goal.

Until next time,


2: Measurements and Goals



When I finally decided to wake from my  slumber this morning, I realized that while my first post was an introduction, it really didn’t tell you much about what I expected from this process.

I have weight goals. I do not think that they are unattainable, I just have to get my butt (and gut) in gear to do the work that is required of me to get there. My weight goal is to get down to 160. If you’re going by BMI, my goal weight is still considered on the obese end of the spectrum, but I really and truly DON’T CARE! In my current mind frame, I think that that would be a good weight for me. If I lose more, that’s great. If I lose less, but look and feel good, that’s even better.

Throughout this journey, I will be sharing my weight and measurements, but that’s not really what my main focus will be. The main purpose of this journey is to get to a point where I am living a livable healthy lifestyle and I am happy with the way that I look and feel in my own skin. I don’t think that I could ask for anything more than to be comfortable in the skin that I have been given.

Current measurements (as of 9:30 AM):

Waist: 40.25″              Hips: 46.75″

Those were the only measurements that I did. In my next measurement and weight update, I’ll be sure to include bust as well.

Until next time;