9: I hate the StairMaster



As the title clearly states I HATE  the StairMaster. Well, hate is kind of a strong word, but I have great disdain for the StairMaster. This is in no way because it has wronged me nor have I fallen off of it. My disdain for the StairMaster is solely because it has and continues to overpower me.

In my first attempts at using this eternal stairway to hell, I could not last longer than 2 minutes. After these two minutes, I began losing all will to continue and was overpowered by the machine. In my most recent attempt I made it to 12 minutes where I would gradually increased the speed. I recognize that this is great progress, but am still somewhat defeated that I have yet to conquer this machine. (by conquer I mean last longer than 20 minutes at a 6)

Dear StairMaster,

I am coming for you! My progress may be slow, but I will surely make it.




I’m going to keep at this and hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able to provide an update that I have conquered the StairMaster.

Until next time,